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Blood Pressure Medications - Remembering To Take Them

Are you currently taking medicine for your blood pressure? Do you take other medication as well? Remembering to take any medicine can be a hassle to some people especially if you have to take more than one at a time. Here are a few things that might help you remember because it is very important you do not forget to take your blood pressure medication.

Some people purchase little pill boxes that help you organize your pills. You can purchase pill boxes that have one for every day of the week. You put all the pills you need to take into each box for each day. You can purchase these almost anywhere and they do come in handy for those that are forgetful.

If you take medicine regularly you might try keeping it on your bathroom sink. When you finish getting ready or even just brushing your teeth, you can take your medicine. Have your blood pressure medicine and any other medication that you have to take right there. This is a great easy reminder.

Get into a routine. Taking your blood pressure pills at the same time every day will eventually get you in the habit and you won't forget. If you have to take your medicine with food you could always take them every day with your lunch. Getting in the habit of this is a great way to never forget your blood pressure pills again.

There are many people that put notes everywhere to remind them to do something. Taking your blood pressure medicine is no different. Put up a note on your fridge or on your computer at work. Every other day or every week change the color of the note and place it in a different spot; on the phone, the mirror, the fridge, wherever you will see it.

A really great way to remember to take your blood pressure medicine is to make your own little personal chart. Try to use different color pens or pencils if you have different medications to take. This is a very neat and organized way to keep track and to help you remember.

If none of these would work for you, try having a friend or relative give you a quick call during the day to remind you. While this might sound effective it may not work as well for some. If you take your blood pressure medicine while you are on the phone with them it can be very helpful. If they just call to tell you and then you hang up, you might forget in that time.

If you have a computer and are savvy enough you could set up a reminder. You can also find free services that will do this for you and send you a reminder email. Have it tell you to take your blood pressure and have it repeat until you have taken it and then delete it. Make it do this daily and you will remember to take your blood pressure medicine.

You can easily come up with your own creative ways of remembering to take your blood pressure medication. Try a few different ways and see what works best for you. Once you get into a routine of taking it you shouldn't have a problem remembering to take it.


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